It seems that this is a question many people ask but forget to have one drawn up. We do not want to think that something will happen to us in the near or far future. Having a valid will drawn up will make the lives of the people left behind a little easier and uncomplicated.

Some of the aspects to consider when drawing your Will, is the following:

  • Who will I appoint as my Executor;
  • Who will be appointed as my beneficiary/beneficiaries?
  • Who will I appoint as the Guardians(s) of my child/children (if applicable);
  • Do I have enough funds in my estate to settle debt/Bonds etc?
  • Do I need to form a Trust for my children if they are still minors?


We suggest that our client’s update their Wills every two years to ensure that their wishes are current and still applicable. Should you wish to discuss any aspect relating to your Last Will and Testament or have a Will drawn, make an appointment with us today.

Please note that this does not constitute legal advice as all situations are different. Click on the link below to make a appointment so that we can help you with your specific set of circumstances.

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