Death is not the easiest topic of discussion between family members. It means that someone we loved and cherished has passed away and we are left behind with only the memories.  In the end we all will get to face the death of a loved one sooner or later but the legal aspects can be made easier for the family. Here are a few tips to consider:

  • Make sure you have a valid Last Will and Testament;
  • Make sure you update your Last Will and Testament every two years (it can be updated at any time);
  • Advise your spouse or parents that you do have a Will and where it is kept;
  • Do you have a funeral policy which will pay towards the funeral expenses?
  • Do you have life insurance? Will this be sufficient to cover any outstanding debt (to settle your mortgage bond?).
  • We suggest that all your documents be kept together in a file so if you do pass away, your family members will be in a position to find your documents.
  • If you have a mortgage bond and children at school, we suggest that our clients approach us for an Estate Plan that will show whether they will have sufficient funds in their Estates to cover the expenses as per their bequest in the Will.

Please note that this does not constitute legal advice as all situations are different. Click on the link below to make a appointment so that we can help you with your specific set of circumstances.

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